Public Equity



Forest Asset Management grew out of a seasoned team of public equity experts operating a top tier global long/short equity fund. The merger gives Forest Partners public market capabilities to have a competitive edge in Korea and across Asia.

The team, led by an ex-Tiger Asia Management and Goldman Sachs veteran, Ryan Lee, provides Forest Partners’ VC and PE teams with unparalleled insights and research to make more informed investment decisions as our portfolio companies crossover into the public space.

Insights into public markets allows Forest Partners to predict optimal exit timing for each portfolio company and understand the competitive landscape of target companies, ultimately maximizing investment returns while limiting downside risk.

Our Approach

Fundamental Research-Based

Return is generated from taking a long-term investment approach based upon fundamental research to help identify high quality, multi-year, growth opportunities. These investments are further protected using hedging strategies involving companies lacking the aforementioned criteria.

Cross-Team Collaboration

By actively collaborating with Forest Partners VC and PE teams and providing public market insights, Forest Partners Asset Management offers additional value for investors all under one house.

Our Strategy

Investment Approach

We identify and invest in high growth companies undergoing multi-year innovation and disruption. Strict focus is placed on top quality management teams with product competitiveness and competition dynamics in promising industries. Market attractiveness will also determine point of entry.

In-depth Research & Expertise
in Select Countries/Sectors

Core industries including new economy sectors such as Internet, Media, Retail, Consumer, Healthcare/Bio/Pharma. Our focus is primarily on China, Japan, Korea, but also the rest of Asia. The analyst team combines both industry and financial expertise to identify the best opportunities.

Idea Generation

We leverage extensive industry expertise and network in three different Asian countries. Our substantial network and industry knowledge obtained from 20+ years of Asian equity investment experience gives us our edge.

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